MPACT Overview

MPACT is a transient one-step code that primarily relies on the 2D/1D method for whole core transport and has been applied to PWRs (dozens of operational cycles), and BWRs. With this approach, 3D geometries are separated into 2D-radial and pin-homogenized, 1D-axial problems.  For the 2D solvers, the method of characteristics is used and for the 1D solvers, P3 transport with a fourth-order Legendre-based spatial flux expansion is used.  These 2D and 1D solvers are coupled through axial and radial transverse leakages and accelerated with a 3D-coarse mesh finite difference solver. MPACT uses inline cross section generation based on the subgroup method and uses ORIGEN for depletion.

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Applications and Integrations

Nuclear reactor physics steady-state eigenvalue (core follow) and transient simulation (load follow and NRC Chapter 15 licensing events) with cross section feedback and material isotopic depletion

Full integration with the thermal-hydraulics code CTF, fuel temperature codes CTFFuel and BISON, crud chemistry code MAMBA, and ex-core transport code Shift.

Planned capabilities for the future include:

  • BWR Support
  • Extended transient analysis for series of operational transients


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MPACT Images


3D Rod-by-Rod Power Distribution

2-D Slice of the MPACT Model (left) and MPACT Flux Distribution (right) of the NuScale SMR with Detailed Reflector Model