MPACT – MPACT is CASL’s whole-core, pin-resolved deterministic transport code designed to perform high-fidelity light water reactor (LWR) analysis. The code consists of several capabilities that provide the functionality necessary for multi-cycle steady-state and transient analysis. The primary methods for MPACT under VERA are 2D (MOC)/1D (P3) method with CMFD acceleration to obtain the neutron transport solution and the subgroup method for in-line resonance self-shielding for cross section feedback.

MPACT is coupled to CTF  for thermal-hydraulic and chemistry feedback for CRUD calculations with MAMBA. MPACT also integrates ORIGEN ( as the depletion solver, and can export solution information to VERAShift  for ex-core analysis MPACT is co-owned and developed by the University of Michigan and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. For inquiries and support related to MPACT contact

MPACT References

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MPACT Images


3D Rod-by-Rod Power Distribution

2-D Slice of the MPACT Model (left) and MPACT Flux Distribution (right) of the NuScale SMR with Detailed Reflector Model

2-D Midplane Slice of the MPACT Model (top) and the MPACT Thermal Flux Distribution (bottom) for the Spert III Test Reactor