communications and information

VERA Users Group

Providing Critical two-way communications and information exchange

The purpose of the VERA Users Group  (VUG) is to provide critical two-way communications and information exchange between the VERA Project and eventual technology-providers and users of VERA products.

The VERA program benefits from advice on expected software capabilities, validation and test plans, quality assurance plans, priorities and schedules, roll-out and commercialization strategies, and computer requirements.

Industrial technology-providers and end-users benefit by influencing the VERA product and its development process to be compatible with expected applications. They can also prepare their business and technical processes to make use early of VERA products.

Finally, both VERA and end-users can identify opportunities for access to data and technical information, initial testing, regulatory interface, or other collaborative contributions.

How to Join?

The VERA Users Group is open for any interested users or organizations to join. Please contact to register.  Email VERA support for any questions about attending upcoming events or questions about accessing VERA.