Unified Input



VERAIO is a set of utility codes used to provide a common set of inputs and outputs to the Virtual Environment for Reactor Applications (VERA). VERA is a collection of several different computer codes and having a common input and output, instead of having to deal with input and output from each individual code, allows VERA to be easy to use and reduces errors associated with code operability. The VERAIO utilities include VERAIn, VERAView, and VERARun. VERARun is a set of scripts that allow for the easy execution of VERA in a high-performance computing environment. VERARun creates a machine-specific PBS script for an input and can then submit that script to the queue.

VERAIn is an input processor that reads an ASCII input file generated by users, parses the file, performs some error checking, and writes an XML file that is intended to be read by all other VERA codes. The main purpose of VERAIn is to provide a common input to all of the VERA codes so users only have to learn one input. VERAIn is written in Perl and uses YAML configuration files to provide flexibility.

VERAIn Input Example


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